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du&jag 03:30 video
Åh, så mitt hjärta slår när mitt i livets virvelvind jag står. En annan jag idag än igår, men i samma lag vi spelar du och jag. Vi förväntas – och ni med –  vi förväntas att äta upp med sked dessa regler och tacka för maten. Tacka för maten, va' mätt och belåten. Men hjärtat sviker och hjärnan skäms... Är vi i samma lag, du där och jag?
Oslo. July. 06:42
In this pink hotel room love will last forever. With blood stains on the sheets, whispers under duvets. And the hungry worm crawling closer. And the pulsating Oslo blood stream behind the window. Like images of a childhood's nest, I expected this frame to remain untouched, for it to be frozen in time. But too late, alas!, my brain already interfered: –Remember you said you were using my body? –You said you were only using my body. And now I can't just keep the memory from falling apart in me. My brain always reinterpreting, idealising, withdrawing, multiplying. What's left can never be what was there, then. What's left is just a fish-hook in my throat, and a bitter broken heart. *** It is mid-July. The earth has been so dry since June, or even May... and this is the first rain in ages. It is also the first rain that many seagull-babies see and many sprouts see. Everything has been so dry for so long, so today the rain is our saviour. We drink you together and thank heaven or the gods or mother nature or pure coincidence.
C of leaves 06:02
hommikuhall su pea soojus veel tund tagasi siinsamas padjal nagu ka viiskümmend ja sada aastat ja igavesti tagasi ja edasi this is a sea of leaves a complete sea of leaves if you lose something you can't find it – it drops down to the bottom kask tantsib, kui sind suudlen tule juba, tee jahtub
I am so afraid of what's beyond my gaze. What's beyond my knowledge I cannot be certain of. Passionless I stare out on the world from the fifth floor where I live with you. But is this really life, and is it really mine? Rise, oh fires, to the sky! Meet my fears, oh flames, and burn them. Light a fire inside me instead –  I know there's some old glow left there waiting. I was so afraid, but it will be okay. As long as you're beside me, I don't need to know what's beyond the next horizon, don't need to climb that mountain, don't need to own it all.
Juta 03:51
Täna saad sa lõpuks voodist tõusta. Käed panna mulda, suudelda teda. Mul on kahju, et sind päriselt ei tundnud, aga hea meel, et olid mu elus. Ära karda, mine edasi – valgus paistab. Täna oled lõpuks vangist prii – ära karda, mine edasi.
'I haven't seen you around for a while what's happened?' (you all ask) Well, sorry dear friends, that I don't answer doesn't mean I don't care 'Sorry little crabfish – that I don't eat you just means I love you,' I said to a crabfish when accidentally ordering non-vegetarian sushi And in case you (really) wanna know I've been waiting, loving, seeing, becoming myself and writing these songs 音楽 をしました I'm sorry little crabfish – that I don't eat you just means I love you.
Haven't much to say about this life. I'm not the one to tell wrong from right. Haven't much to sing except this line. You mind yours, and I'll mind mine. And maybe we'll meet some other time. Untied, undressed, unveiled. 'Ambitions?' you ask, and I will tell: 'To be at peace, to leave no trace.' 'But don't you want babies?' 'I don't know...Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depending on which side wins, the biological or the intellectual...' Beyond this life, beyond myself –  what's left behind? What will become? The truth unveils, the truth undresses. And it is not nice.
(snow melting) (old home-made guitar) (playing some chords and voices humming) (sledding down a hill in thick snow) Så!


“Woolgathering” was a title that came to Liis Ring by coincidence. When getting familiar with the meaning of the word, which would be something like ‘letting the mind wander aimlessly’, it felt as if it captured her recent approach to creating music. The music resembles a long stroll across a changing landscape where the eye catches glimpses of different colours and forms. Here, the ear wanders through a swamp of sounds where the spontaneity of an idea is more important than being fixed to a certain genre or style. It is, in the same way as Ring’s latest EP “Åker”, recorded in as few takes as possible, left unpolished, in the same rooms where they first saw light, including a lot of field recordings. Thus, “Woolgathering” is an album that contains bits and pieces of thoughts, places, feelings – like a collection of dreams. Small pieces of wool, all of them unique, become a nice warm sweater when woven together.


released September 19, 2019

All songs written, arranged, produced and mixed by Liis Ring, except 'du&jag' co-produced by Ludvig Sjöstrand.
Released by Õunaviks (

Recorded between 2016 and 2019 in different indoor/outdoor spaces, with whatever equipment was available at that particular moment of inspiration.

The spaces/places included are (in chronological order):

- A studio apartment on Dirigentgatan 4
- Ludvig Sjöstrand's attic in Hammargård
- A kitchen on Karl Gustavsgatan 65
- Our lovely home on Rundradiogatan 6 (all of the above in or near Gothenburg, Sweden)
- A cottage and its surroundings in Fengersfors, Sweden
- The road from my great-grandmother's house to the river and the park where she walked every day (Mäksa, Estonia)
- Our bedroom in Roo street (Tallinn, Estonia)

Additionally, 'c of leaves' also includes field recordings by Christoffer Rutström from NYC subway, as well as a quote from Edie Beale in 'Grey Gardens'.

Photos by Liis Ring, album design by Christoffer Rutström.
Mastering&vinyl cut by Kassian Troyer, Dubplates and mastering, Germany

Thank you Christoffer, Emm ja mu ülejäänud tore pere, Ats, Ekke, Villem, Ludvig, Catarina och Ingemar, All my dear friends near and far, And everyone and everything I have encountered – the path itself has and will be my main inspiration and meaning.

Plaadi väljaandmist toetasid Kultuurkapital ja Eesti Autorite Ühing.


all rights reserved



Liis Ring Gothenburg, Sweden

"Material Memory" out now on Cudighi Records. Watch the video here:

Liis Ring is a (sound) artist, a wanderer, a thinker, a snoozer, a bird watcher and an idealist based between Tartu, Estonia and Göteborg, Sweden.
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